Upgrading the AIY Project from MagPi issue 57 Part 2

Further to my previous post about making an update to the AIY Project (found here) I have further extended the functionality of the Read RSS Feed.

Read RSS Feed contains the update project file. I have now converted it to be its own standalone class. Along with this there are a couple of other enhancements

  • Allowed for the passing of properties to read out as an array so it will dynamically create the spoken message.
  • The GPIO pin 23 (the main button with the AIY kit) allows you to cancel to speech. It will finish saying what it is saying but will exit after.
  • Added some unit tests at the end so you can see usage examples.

If you find any issues let me know on the github repo by leaving an issue and I will take a look at it. Any updates will go into that repo so keep an eye on it.

Thanks for reading


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